Professional consultation & presentations

Clinicians at Inner Fōkus utilize their diverse backgrounds and expertise to provide professional consultation and presentation services. Formats for these services can be individualized to meet your needs, and include arrangements such as:

  • Group presentations or trainings
  • Topic-specific Q&A sessions
  • Discussion series talks
  • Private, small-group coaching
  • Consultation and advocacy for parents facing residential placement for their children
  • IEP/504B consultation and advocacy for parents

    Psychoeducational evaluations & consultation

    A psychoeducational evaluation is used to answer specific questions about possible impairments in school. These evaluations are typically completed in the school system and are typically quite comprehensive. Once the testing component is complete, there will be an extensive report provided by the school, and it can be difficult to fully understand the test results and implications of the information being provided. 

    Consultation with an outside Clinical Psychologist with experience in psychoeducational testing is typically a helpful resource for parents. This outside advocate can provide a second opinion on test results, provide guidance through the process of advocating for educational supports, and even provide additional testing if necessary. 

    Psychoeducational testing completed within the school is not meant to provide a diagnosis. In fact, School Psychologists cannot make a formal diagnosis. Instead, they are focused on identifying whether or not a child meets legal criteria for additional services. Having a Clinical Psychologist advocate can be beneficial in this domain as well. A Clinical Psychologist is able to provide a formal diagnosis, and that may prove beneficial in making the case for additional services. 

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